Skidster Plus™

TerraTor70pxThe SkidsterPlus adds the function of patient transport to the firefighting capabilities of the Skidster. This apparatus will get you to a victim in areas a traditional ambulance cannot venture.

This drop-in unit is intended for almost all UTV’s on the market. Removal of the bed is not required. Just like the original Skidster™, the form and function is specific to a particular vehicle.

The SkidsterPlus™ is equipped with a flat platform, similar to the one mounted on the Pumpster™. The platform is occupied with a sizeable tool crib. The crib is quickly removable in the event that a patient needs to be transported.

Benefits of the SkidsterPlus™:

  • Combines fire and EMS features.
  • Ideal for patient transport.
  • Mounting points on both sides of the carrier for securing a stokes basket or a flat board.
  • Has foam capability.