Pumpster PU™

TerraTor70pxThe Pumpster P.U™ is a lower cost 4×4 truck alternative to our Pumpster™. It is stripped down to supply the most important feature: fight fires. For operators needing more, we offer the Pumpster P.U™ Extra.

The skid will fit into any full size 4×4 pick-up truck bed, but is most suitable for mid-size 4×4 trucks. Both Domestic or import 4x4s will fit the Pumpster P.U. ™. Our popular Scotty foam metering and custom stainless tanks are also options on this model.

Benefits of the Pumpster P.U.™:

  • Can accommodate domestic or import 4x4s
  • Has mounting tabs in all four corners.
  • Can operate with the gate up.
  • Includes options Scotty foam metering and custom stainless tank.
  • Has foam capability.
  • Perfect for wildfires, brush fires and forest fires.
  • Rough terrain, soft ground & trails.
  • Limited space urban areas.
  • Airports and marinas.
  • Farms, ranches and crop protection.
  • Limited capacity bridges.
  • Oil & gas drilling operations.
  • Manufacturing facilities protection.