Pumpster L.B.™

TerraTor70pxThe Pumpster LB™ is our step up model, with a longer body than that of the standard PumpsterTM. UTVs equipped with the Pumpster L.B.™ require the removal of the factory pick-up bed and factory toolbox. The bed can be removed or re-installed in minutes. When you order your unit, it is important to state the make and model of your utility vehicle.

Advantages the Pumpster L.B.™ offers you:

  • Dual purpose; both fire fighting and EMS capabilities.
  • Affordable to smallest departments.
  • Reduces manpower requirements. (A single firefighter can simultaneously drive and
  • hose fires.)
  • No CDL and minimum training required to operate.
  • Tow-able behind command vehicle; needs very little garage space.
  • Can perform in areas totally off-limits to conventional trucks.
  • No custom parts, flexible and tough, field replaceable, easily purchased locally.
  • Centrally located toolbox is easily removable, leaving the stokes platform easily accessible.
  • Has foam capability.

Benefits of the Pumpster L.B.TM mini-tender pumper:

  • Perfect for wildfires, brush fires and forest fires.
  • Ideal for patient retrieval.
  • Rough terrain, soft ground & trails.
  • Rescue, retrieval and victim transport.
  • Limited space urban areas.
  • Airports and marinas.
  • Farms, ranches and crop protection.
  • Limited capacity bridges.
  • Oil & gas drilling operations.
  • Manufacturing facilities protection.
  • Has foam capability.