TerraTor70pxThere are numerous events & places when our EMSter™ comes in handy. On ice or in sand, from rugged terrain to golf courses, wherever a standard ambulance cannot be deployed, our EMSter™ is the perfect apparatus for patient transport. Your 4×4 or a suitable UTV combined with our EMSter™ is what you need to get a victim to an awaiting ambulance.

Benefits of the EMSter™:

  • Ideal for patient transport.
  • Built of durable and light aluminum diamond plate.
  • Mounts on numerous ATVs and UTVs currently on the market.
  • Standard unit consists of a box platform. (Can accommodate a flat board, stokes basket or a medical bed.)
  • Under the flat carry surface are 14 cubic inches of storage space.
  • Behind the EMTs seat is storage box with 2 cubic feet of space.
  • Replaces the UTV pick-up box for weight savings.

EMSter™ Spec Sheet

ROP Notice