EMSter Ultra™

TerraTor70pxThe EMSterUltra™ breaks new ground in the mobile emergency service industry. Built of durable and light aluminum diamond plate, the unit is intended to be mounted on Polaris Ranger 6×6 EFI vehicle.

Each standard unit consists of a box platform that can accommodate a flat board, stokes basket or a medical bed. The unit is fully enclosed on three sides to provide excellent weather and privacy protection. The left side is equipped with a GORTITE® roll up door. This feature provides access to the patient, as well as giving weather protection in inclement weather.

Benefits of the EMSterULTRA™:

  • Ideal for patient transport.
  • Semi-enclosed patient retrieval vehicle.
  • Shuttles patient from location to awaiting ambulance.
  • 14 cubic inches of storage space under the flat carry surface.
  • Additional storage amounting to 2 cubic feet behind the EMTs seat.
  • Replaces the UTV pick-up box. (The unit can be placed on the factory box.
  • Sliding window between unit and UTV cab.
  • Equipped with ceiling light, rear lights and strobe lights on the header.