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UTV Fire and Medical Rescue Apparatus



We are reliable, dedicated suppliers of UTV and truck mounted fire and medical rescue apparatus. Our units are the perfect addition to your fire department’s fleet of emergency vehicles.

When you’re needed in difficult locations, we have ideal apparatus for your UTV or truck.

We have an established fire and medical rescue product line that evolves with continuous improvements to new UTV models. While we can make minor adjustments for specific operational requirements, the units displayed in our product line are ready to go. Our entire line of equipment is masterly engineered and fabricated from top to bottom to ensure many years of durable and reliable use, especially in the most brutal fire fighting and emergency rescue conditions.

Choose TerraTor to provide your UTV or truck mounted fire and rescue apparatus. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

At TerraTor we have a deep appreciation for your dedication to the citizens you protect. We are dedicated to providing you the highest quality product at the most competitive price!

3 Easy Steps to Superior Fire Fighting, Rescue and Emergency Service:

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3. Install Your TerraTor Apparatus

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